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The Ultimate Way To ELEVATE 

Your Visibility & Credibility Online

Attract More Leads & Clients 

...Without Using Salezy Tactics or Solely Relying On Social Media

Book A Call To Find If Your Ready
  • Have you been struggling because you are...

    ▶ not gaining the recognition you know you deserve

    ▶ not attracting enough of your favorite type of clients

    ▶ being overwhelmed & exhausted from doing everything yourself  

    ▶ tired of scrolling on social media, hoping to find your next client

    ▶ not making sales and have low sales conversion rates 

    ▶ not supported by the right person for guidance & feedback

    ▶ confused with all the information available, and don't know where to put your focus

  • This is for you if you are...

    ▶ saying enough is enough and tired of spinning your wheels 

    ▶ ready to stand-out from your competition

    ▶ wanting to launch a program, service or product

    ▶ ready to gain massive credibility online

    ▶ ready to take an innovated approach

    ▶ committed to your own success journey

    ▶ ready to leave all the conflicting information behind  

  • Then you are in the right place

    Using The 3-Keys To Elevating Your Business Success

    Increase Your Visibility, Attracting More Leads & Clients 

    ...without relying on social media or burnout

    One-on-One Coaching & Done-With You and For-You Services To Fast Track

    Elevate Your Business

    The path to success is not the same for everyone. I will get to know you and evaluate your business, to gain an understanding of where you are now and your goals. Together we will create a customized step-by-step plan that is aligned with your purpose, and gives you the exact steps needed to elevate your business success. Whether you need to eliminate disempowering beliefs, want guidance creating your program, or need to develop marketing tools and tech, you will be supported. Book a call to ensure this is a fit for you

    Establish Online Presence That Attracts Your Ideal Clients and Builds Your List

    Elevate Your Visibility

    Standing out from your competition and building credibility can take a long time and massive energy. That’s why we do all the heavy lifting with our done-for-you-and-with-you services. We uncover hidden marketing angles to create and distribute powerful content that attracts your targeted audience. We use innovative strategies (not many know about) that will give you massive online exposure on multiple platforms that are guaranteed to raise your profile and bring you high-quality leads. Our Visibility Campaigns will position your authority as an expert in your niche and 3X your leads.

    Tap Into The Conscious Sales Method To Enroll More Clients Without Being Salzey

    Elevate Your Sales 

    You are good at what you do, but when it comes to selling yourself and your services anxiety steps in. The good news is, pitching and convincing are out! You can stop trying to convince potential clients to buy and instead lean on the sales process. You will dissolve beliefs that hold you back. You will learn motivational trigger of the 4 buyer type. And using conscious sales methods and our natural authentic conversation framework with only 3 types of questions, you can, increase your closing rate and 5X your sales. You’ll gain unshakable confidence, build client rapport fast, and get to YES with more ease, and certainty.

    Hi, I'm Miquette...

    The founder of Elevate Online Today. As a holistic business coach, I help conscious-preneurs establish their authority visibility and sales online with more ease, confidence, and certainty.  

    Using my connections, special deals, and strategies with major media sites I help businesses like yours get seen, and get leads & clients in a less stressful, yet highly profitable way

    We help you to reach your best clients by crafting meaningful content for media coverage and multiple platform presence.

    Working with us you will increase your presence, credibility, and influence online; attract targeted leads to build your database; increase your sales and profitability; and take the stress out of trying to do it all yourself

    If your business is a good fit we will be able to get content on sites like in local Fox News and CBS Sites, Google, YouTube, Podcast Lits, and hundreds of other brand-name sites, without you paying the high costs of PR or SEO services. 

    What to do now...

    Before I can move ahead I will first need to confirm some details to get an understanding of your business to see if we can help increase your online exposure.

    Book a short one-on-one evaluation call to learn what you need to do to ELEVATE ONLINE TODAY and grow your business. *currently only opening up 3 new slots a month.*

    Let's Elevate Your Presence Online Today

    What Clients Say...

    With what I learned from Miquette I gained the confidence to double the price of my premier program and how to show the value of what I offer. Then she taught me how to enroll more clients without being pushy or salezy. My sign-up rate went from 30% to 80% almost overnight

    KATHY S (Plant-based Nutritionist)

    Miquette gave me a practical sales process and tools that assisted me in helping me gain a lot more confidence. Since her training, enrolling clients has been a smooth process and provided me with a sales and enrolment process that works.

    SAHARA (Holistic Health Coach) 

    Here's what I love about Miquette. She has an incredible amount of distinction about business and building your business, especially coaching businesses. I'm really amazed. I have an MBA so thought I knew some things about business, but the things that she had me question, investigate, or engage in about my business have been really invaluable.

    EVAN S (Consultant)

    This process has been fantastic. The information Miquette has provided has been extremely valuable. I had absolutely no idea how I was going to advance my business. I know there's a huge market out there, but she has really helped refine the process on how to tap into that market.

    WES (Newly Certified Coach)

    Before Miquette took over our marketing we were struggling to make a profit, within 3 months our advertising spend went down and our revenue increased by 200%.”

    BEN (Divers Den)

    As a seminar presenter, I didn’t believe it was possible. With Miquette’s guidance, I implemented her marketing plan and increased my income by 800% within 6 months.”


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